Having a Cast Iron Dutch Oven for Camping


If you are an outdoor person and likes to go on camping, either with your friends or family, then you might already have a Dutch Oven at your hand. It is one of the important things needed by anyone when they go out of camping. Dutch ovens are very important, since it will be where mostly all of your cooking can be done during camping. Dutch ovens can be used for cooking anything; you can stir, stew and even bake on one. This makes a dutch oven very useful not only if you are camping or cooking outdoor but even cooking inside your home. Although there were many innovations that were from the time it was invented, the basic elements of dutch oven cooking is still the same. In modern times, you can now find a dutch oven made of different types of material, one of which is a cast iron dutch oven. A cast iron dutch oven is one usually made of a thick material and have been proven through time to last for many years. It is very convenient to use as it is excellent in retaining heat in order to cook your food perfectly. As was used during the past decades, it is one wherein coals are used on the bottom and on top of the pot just like an oven. But cooking in a cast iron dutch oven is not only limited on using coals, you can also use fire or even electricity, whichever you prefer.

Although it is very easy and convenient in using a cast iron dutch oven, there are some things you must first know in order to be able to use it more effectively and to be able to make your cast iron dutch oven last for more years. As compared to its first predecessors, a cast iron dutch oven has undergone through several innovations and modifications in order to make it more efficient and flexible. Depending on the manufacturer, you can find many cast iron dutch oven accessories that are available on the market. One of these available is a cast iron dutch oven tripod, which is usually used in order to easily hold your dutch oven above the coals or fire, and can be very handy in cooking outdoors. A lid lifter is also one of a dutch oven accessories that can be used to avoid direct contact during cooking or even after cooking from the hot pot. Also, It is very well-know that a cast iron dutch oven is very sturdy and durable and will mostly last for a very long time. So the next time you plan to go out on camping or planning to cook outdoor, always remember to bring with you your cast iron dutch oven.

To learn more about Dutch Ovens in general, check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dutch_oven.


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